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PhD ProjectThe PhD Project - A calling. A purpose. And a career that rewards tenfold. BECOME A PROFESSOR.

The PhD Project is an alliance of foundations, corporations, universities, and professional and academic organizations dedicated to increasing minority representation in the business world. Our expansive network of support helps African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans attain their business Ph.D., become business school professors and serve as role models to attract the next generation of minority business leaders.

Some facts that may influence your decision to pursue a career in business academia:

What are the Benefits to You?

Our Results are Impressive:

When The Project started in 1994, there were just 294 minority business professors throughout the U.S. Today this number has more than quintupled to over 1,500 and is increasing every day principally through out efforts.

Think about it.

The deadline for our annual conference is September 30th. For more information on the conference or application, contact Cristina Pazos at [email protected], 201-505-6184

If you have general questions about The PhD Project Doctoral Students Associations, would like to become a member, or have news to share with our network (defended comps, proposal, dissertation) please contact Myrna Varner at [email protected] or 201-307-7628.


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We invite your company or organization to join us and make a noticeable contribution to increasing diversity in the business world. Click here for a list of our Sponsors and to learn how you can join us. Contact Bernard J. Milano at 201.307.7662, or email [email protected].