Association of College Honor Societies


Omicron Delta Epsilon


Admitted to ACHS: 1965

Readmitted: 1981

Founded in 1963 as a result of a merger between Omicron Delta Gamma (founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1915) and Omicron Chi Epsilon (founded at City College of NY in 1955)

No of Active Chapters: 678

Total Membership: 89500

Annual/current Membership: 4400

Number of Regions: 11

Publications: The American Economist

PURPOSE: The objectives of Omicron Delta Epsilon are recognition of scholastic attainment and the honoring of outstanding achievements in economics; the establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics within colleges and universities and among colleges and universities; the publication of the official journal, The American Economist; the sponsoring of panels at professional meetings and the Irving Fisher and Frank W. Taussig competitions.

ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduates must have completed at least 12 hours of economics, have an overall scholastic average of B in economics and an overall average of B, and rank in the upper third of the class. 

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Publishes The American Economist twice yearly; conducts sessions at regional and national meetings; encourages local chapter activities; awards the Irving Fisher Graduate Monograph Award annually, the Frank W. Taussig Undergraduate Article Award annually, and the John R. Commons Award biennially to an internationally outstanding economist in recognition of his achievements for service both to the profession and to Omicron Delta Epsilon.

OFFICIAL CONTACT: Farhang Niroomand, Executive Secretary/Treasurer, P.O. Box 2096, Fairhope, AL 36533

Tel: (601) 928-0001  Fax: (601) 928-0015

Email: [email protected]  

Updated: 6/29/2012