Association of College Honor Societies


Kappa Tau Alpha

Journalism and Mass Communication

Admitted to ACHS: 1951

Founded at the University of Missouri, March 10, 1910

No of Active Chapters: 98

Total Membership: 74192

Annual/current Membership: 1119

Publications: KTA Newsletter

PURPOSE: The recognition and encouragement of excellence in scholarship and professionalism in journalism and mass communication.

ELIGIBILITY: Juniors and seniors majoring in journalism or mass communication who rank in the upper 10 percent of their class based on overall grade point average, have at least a 3.0 GPA in upper-level journalism/mass communication courses, and have completed at least nine semester hours of professional courses in the major. Graduate students who rank in the top 10 percent of their class also may be selected. Membership is by invitation only through one of the Society's 96 chapters.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Annually awards $1,000 to the winner of the Frank Luther Mott/Kappa Tau Alpha Award for best research-based book of the year in journalism/mass communication. Presents annual awards to winners of AEJMC student research paper competitions.

OFFICIAL CONTACT: Dr. Beverly J. Horvit, Executive Director, 76 Gannett Hall, School of Journalism, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211-1200

Tel: (573) 882-7685  Fax: (573) 884-1720

Email: [email protected]  

Updated: 1/1/2020