Association of College Honor Societies


Epsilon Pi Tau

Professions in Technology

Admitted to ACHS: 2005

Founded at The Ohio State University, March 13, 1929

No of Active Chapters: 40

No of Alumni Chapters/Clubs: 5

Total Membership: 27228

Annual/current Membership: 574

Number of Regions: 5

Publications: The Journal of Technology Studies, The Epsilon Pi Tau Preceptor

PURPOSE: In service to the general education and career preparation academic fields and the professional practice areas of technology, Epsilon Pi Tau: (a) promotes and recognizes the achievement of academic excellence, (b) promotes the values and contributions of professionals in technology, (c) provides a medium for the professional development and recognition of individual members for leadership and achievement, (d) enhances the status of the practitioners and the professions in technology, (e) fosters and encourages the acceptance of the ideals of technological capability and skill, social and professional proficiency, and research and its applications and products; and (f) advances understanding, appreciation and awareness of technology as both an enduring and influential human endeavor and an integral element of culture.

ELIGIBILITY: Student membership is limited to those enrolled in approved technology programs and course sequences offered at accredited institutions that award associate, bachelors and graduate degrees. Students of good moral character will be eligible upon achieving the following academic rankings and grade point standards. Chapters may prescribe additional criteria such as evidence of leadership experiences that relate to the six Epsilon Pi Tau purposes in the preceding paragraph. (Grades used in the following statements are based on a 4 point system in which a grade of 4 or A is the highest and 1 or D is the lowest passing grade.)

Associate degree students must have completed 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours of credit in prescribed courses and have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of no less than 3.25 in major courses and rank not lower than the highest 35% of class in overall scholarship.

Students in programs leading to a bachelors degree must be at least second semester or third quarter sophomores or juniors, or seniors who have completed or earned at least 30 semesters or 45 quarter credit hours in the major or relevant course sequence, achieved a GPA of no less than 3.25 in the major or a relevant course sequence and a 3.00 overall GPA and rank not lower than the highest 35% of undergraduates of the same class level/year/term in the program or sequence. At least 16 semesters or 24 quarter credit hours in the major must have been earned. The preceding standards are appropriately adapted for students who transfer from other programs within the institution or whose transfer is based on an associate degree.

Graduate students may be considered after completing at least 9 semester hours or 12 quarter hours with at least a 3. 3 cumulative GPA with no incompletes in courses prescribed for their program.

Faculty, academic support staff members and alumni of programs served by Epsilon Pi Tau are eligible for membership. Additionally, benefactors of these programs and persons exhibiting a general interest and knowledge of technology in the context of Epsilon Pi Tau ideals and purposes are eligible for membership upon recommendation and appropriate documentation of their accomplishments by recommending chapters.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Learning and leadership experiences are provided to members via chapter meetings, forums, and presentations, desirably co-sponsored with student chapters of professional/technical organizations representing industrial and business interests appropriate to the technology programs. Chapters administer awards programs that do not duplicate or take the place of the society’s adopted citations.

Distributing $20,000 each year, The William Everett Warner Awards Program recognizes member students, and persons in professional practice for their projects, writing, and research and superior professional accomplishments. Awards are also extended to chapters to recognize their superior operations, programs, and services.

The Paul T. Hiser Exemplary Publication Award of $500.00 recognizes the author(s) of best article in the refereed The Journal of Technology Studies each year.

The Epsilon Pi Tau International Convocation and Member Forum is a quadrennial meeting that offers participants internationally-known speakers, leadership workshops and participation in governance issues.

OFFICIAL CONTACT: Kevin Howell, Executive Director, Epsilon Pi Tau, Technology Building, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, 43403-0296

Tel: (419) 372-2425  Fax: (419) 372- 9502

Email: [email protected]  

Updated: 12/6/2019