Association of College Honor Societies


Delta Epsilon Sigma

General Scholarship in Colleges and Universities with a Catholic Tradition

Admitted to ACHS: 1967

Founded at Loras College, April 13, 1939

No of Active Chapters: 53

No of Alumni Chapters/Clubs: 1

Total Membership: 90347

Annual/current Membership: 2118

Publications: Delta Epsilon Sigma Journal

PURPOSE: The purposes of this Society shall be to recognize academic accomplishments, to foster scholarly activities, and to encourage a sense of intellectual community among its members.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for membership in the Society, candidates must be persons who have a record of outstanding academic accomplishment, who have shown dedication to intellectual activity, and who have accepted their responsibility of service to others. Undergraduate students shall have completed at least fifty percent of the credit requirements for their baccalaureate degrees and rank not lower than the highest twenty percent of their class in scholarship. Graduate students shall have completed one-half of the credit requirements for their degree and shall have a minimum grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent. Faculty, administrators, and staff members are eligible for election to membership upon recommendation of the local chapter. Alumni of an institution are eligible for election to membership if they have graduated cum laude or have fulfilled the general requirements of membership in some other manner.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Delta Epsilon Sigma Journal, Annual Scholarship and Fellowship Competition, National Undergraduate Writing Competition, Distinguished Lecturers Award, National Undergraduate Student Award, The J. Patrick Lee Prize in Ethics.

OFFICIAL CONTACT: Dr. Claudia Kovach, Executive Director, Neumann University, Arts & Sciences BACH 305, 1 Neumann Drive, Aston, PA 19014

Tel: (651) 962-5265  

Email: [email protected]  

Updated: 11/1/2014