Association of College Honor Societies


Beta Kappa Chi

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Admitted to ACHS: 1961

Founded in 1923 by the science faculty and science students of Lincoln University, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania.

No of Active Chapters: 67

Total Membership: 40401

Annual/current Membership: 883

Number of Regions: 5

Publications: Beta Kappa Chi Bulletin

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Society shall be to encourage and advance scientific education through original investigation, the dissemination of scientific knowledge; and the stimulation of high scholarship in pure and applied science.

ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate students are eligible for membership if they rank in the upper fifth of their class and have completed at least sixty-four semester hours of college work, seventeen semester hours of which shall be in one of the sciences recognized by Beta Kappa Chi with a grade average of at least B in the science area and a general college average of at least B; graduate students are eligible if they have completed at least fifteen semester hours in one of the sciences recognized by the Society with a grade average of A in at least one-third of the hours and at least B in the remaining two-thirds semester hours.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Publishes the Beta Kappa Chi Bulletin, two issues a year and a Booklet of Information; sponsors, stimulates, and encourages a variety of program activities through local chapters; conducts an annual national convention to transact Society business and for the presentation of reports on research conducted by undergraduate and graduate members.

OFFICIAL CONTACT: Mrs. Deadra James Mackie, Executive Secretary, Asst. Professor of Biology, Southern University and A&M College, Biology Dept., 244 William James Hall, PO Box 10046, Baton Rouge, LA 70813

Tel: (225) 771-4845  Fax: (225) 771-4848

Email: [email protected]  

Updated: 2/7/2017