Association of College Honor Societies


Alpha Iota Delta

Decision, Information, Operations Science

Admitted to ACHS: 2009

Founded at Decision Sciences Institute, Atlanta, GA, 1971

No of Active Chapters: 56

Total Membership: 7614

Publications: The Decision Forum

PURPOSE: The purposes of the honor society are threefold:

  • to confer distinction to students in the decision, information, and operations sciences disciplines for academic excellence
  • to promote the infusion of the functional and behavioral areas of business with the tools, concepts, and methodologies of the decision, information, and operations sciences
  • to promote interest in the disciplines of decision, information, and operations sciences

ELIGIBILITY: Open to both undergraduate and graduate students. All students who meet the required grade point average and have taken enough decision science courses are eligible for membership in Alpha Iota Delta.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Alpha Iota Delta allows its members to stay in contact through meetings at the annual meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute and other organizations. Alpha Iota Delta also produces The Decision Forum, an online journal/newsletter. The purpose of The Decision Forum is to interest members of Alpha Iota Delta and writers who are interested in communicating with practitioners, those who are interested in becoming columnists, feature editors, contributors and commentators on current and evolving practices, and contributing writers on general topics of interest, with star performers ultimately becoming contributing editors.

OFFICIAL CONTACT: Dr. Terry L. Howard, Executive Director, University of Detroit Mercy, 4001 W. McNichols Road, Detroit, MI 48221

Tel: (313) 993-1199  

Email: [email protected]  

Updated: 6/2/2020