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Social Responsibility

Adopted February 19, 2010


The Power of the
Association of College Honor Societies
to Make a Difference
A Chapter Leadership Project


The Seven Wonders of the Socially Responsible World

Peace and Security
Conflicts among nations and groups are resolved through principled negotiation, mediation, and arbitration; war and terrorism have become relics of the past. Within nations all peoples live with security of the person, free from arbitrary arrest and imprisonment

All the world's peoples are literate in their native language and have access to education, which will enable them to reach their potential.

All the world's peoples live in environments favorable to health in body, mind, and spirit. They live in harmony with their environments in a manner that sustains the long-term health of the air, water, soil, and the other living things with which they share the planet.

All the world's peoples have access to safe drinking water, nourishing food, vaccinations against lethal diseases, and medicines and health care when they are ill.

Social Justice
All the world's peoples have access to fundamental justice and due process. They have access to methods of expressing legitimate grievances and having these addressed, without resorting to violence or other illegitimate means.

All the world's peoples have incomes adequate to meet their needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Further, they have the opportunity and means to develop their personal potential for self-actualization.

The focus of innovation is on the development of technologies that heal the planet, eliminate poverty, and increase the health and well being of all the world's peoples.

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The “seven wonders” for the ACHS Chapter Leadership Project are based upon the following reference: Sachs, J. (2008). Common wealth: Economics for a crowded planet. New York: Penguin Press. See