Association of College Honor Societies



At any given time, a handful of organizations call themselves honor societies while operating more like profit-making ventures. In ACHS’s opinion, these societies offer little or no benefit in advancing student scholarship and leadership, and membership in them does not indicate that a student has attained “superior scholastic achievement” as defined by both the Association of College Honor Societies and the United States Office of Personnel Management.

Membership in ACHS guarantees that a society meets strict criteria designed to ensure student growth and tangible, lifelong benefits to belonging. Certification for membership is provided by the ACHS credentialing body only to organizations that complete a qualifying petition for membership.

ACHS strongly encourages all students and their parents to carefully examine invitations to join a society that is not certified by ACHS. We recommend that you do not commit to a financial obligation until you have verified that membership in any non-certified group is, in fact, an honor.

To assist you in making these determinations, we have developed a checklist you can use to verify that an organization truly exists to bestow an honor upon and provide a service to you or to your student. If any of these criteria are not met, we strongly encourage you to carefully consider your options.

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