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Alpha Chi

All Academic Fields Honor Society

Member Scholarships, Awards, Grants

Admitted to ACHS: 1955

Founded at a conference of Texas colleges held on the campus of Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, February 22, 1922

No of Active Chapters: 325

Total Membership: 497587

Number of Regions: 7

Publications: Aletheia: The Alpha Chi Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship, Alpha Chi Proceedings Recorder, Alpha Chi Newsletter

Member Scholarships, Awards, Grants: Alpha Chi awards twenty-four (24) national awards to undergraduate members annually.

Fellowships: Twelve fellowships for graduate study toward the masters, doctors, or professional degree. The two top awards among these will be the Robert W. Sledge Fellowships of $4,000, and the remaining ten (10) will be the H. Y. Benedict Fellowships of $3,000 each.

Scholarships: Twelve scholarships for undergraduate study. The two top awards among these will be the Edwin W. Gaston, Jr. Scholarships of $3,000, and the remaining ten (10) will be the Alfred H. Nolle Scholarships of $2,000 each. Five scholarship alternates and five fellowship alternates are chosen.

Graduate Member Fellowships
Each spring Alpha Chi awards two Joseph E. Pryor Graduate Fellowships, one of $6,000 to a student in a doctoral degree program and one of $4,000 to a student in a master's degree program. This competition is for graduate student members (that is, members enrolled in a graduate program at an Alpha Chi institution at the time of application) and alumni members no longer attending an Alpha Chi institution. The stipend is to be used for full-time graduate or professional study beyond the baccalaureate level and will be paid to the recipient upon official notification of the student's enrollment in such a program for the following fall semester. This fellowship may only be received one time per person.

National Convention Presentation Prizes
A cash prize is awarded for the best convention program presentation in each of twenty-seven academic categories. Undergraduate student members are the primary recipients of these awards. The presentation prizes, endowed by alumni and friends of the society, carry stipends of $100.

Regional Scholarships
Each of Alpha Chi's seven regions has a scholarship competition at least every other year. These awards total $15,000. Contact the appropriate regional secretary-treasurer for complete information.

Local Chapter Scholarships
In recent years, several chapters awarded scholarships and grants totaling approximately $13,000. Contact the official faculty sponsor of your chapter for more information.

Chapter Grants
The National Council of Alpha Chi awards a limited number of Chapter Grants to be awarded each academic year. A fund of $5,000 will supply grants of no more than $250 each to chapters to help them finance scholarly projects on their campuses. Proposals will be evaluated by the National Office on the basis of the extent to which they encourage scholarship and promote the visibility of Alpha Chi on the campus. Programs that involve direct payments to student members will not be funded. Each chapter is limited to one grant every other year.

For more information on Alpha Chi grants and fellowships, see:

or contact Katie Holmes, Director of Operations by email or at 800-477-4225

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For all other reasons, contact:
Lara Q. Noah, Executive Director, Alpha Chi Natl. Office, 124 W. Capitol Avenue, Ste. 1630, Little Rock, AR 72201

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