Association of College Honor Societies



The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) is a national, not-for-profit organization whose members are college and university honor societies. ACHS is dedicated to serving the interests of our members, the public, and higher education in our country through our several activities, which include gathering and dissemination of relevant data and information in furtherance of our purposes.

It is the long-standing policy of ACHS to comply fully with all laws and regulations applicable to our activities, including the federal and state antitrust laws, which are intended to protect competition. The antitrust laws prohibit hard-core anticompetitive practices such as price-fixing, market division, and group boycotts, as well as certain other arrangements and transactions that may possibly harm the competitive process. Although our Association activities and programs generally do not present antitrust issues, we and our members must be informed about the antitrust laws and be sensitive to any possible antitrust issue or question.

In support of the ACHS antitrust compliance policy, the following procedures and principles are applicable to the Association and our members: ACHS meetings are to follow a pre-approved agenda, and meeting minutes will subsequently be prepared and distributed; any antitrust issue or question pertaining to ACHS or our activities should be directed to the Executive Director for review by counsel if necessary; and ACHS members are encouraged to adopt antitrust guidelines of their own consistent with this Association policy statement.

Although ACHS serves as a forum for the free and open discussion of diverse opinions, certain topics are inconsistent with our antitrust compliance policy. With respect to membership in ACHS and the related admission requirements, our Bylaw provisions set forth the governing standards and procedures; any actions, understandings, or statements inconsistent with the Bylaws are prohibited. More generally, any actions, understandings, or statements arising in the ACHS context, which appear to be anti-competitive in purpose or potential effect are inconsistent with Association policy, can be harmful to ACHS and our members, and are prohibited. Under the antitrust laws relating to "group boycotts," each member society must make its own, unilateral decisions as to the vendors or other entities with which it will do business, and on what terms. Any actions, understandings, or statements inconsistent with this antitrust principle should be avoided.