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ACHS Member Societies Annual Report 2010-2011

Summary: Renewal efforts of your society

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Constitution was updated and was proposed for ratification at our last Annual Meeting. - abg

1. Expanding the number and scope of coorporate partners to create tangible benefits for members. 2. Inviting advisers from less-active chapters to judge competitions at the national convention, with the goal of exposing them and possibly their members to Alpha Chi in a new way 3. Continuing the super-regional meeting in even-numbered years to give students access to a high-quality academic convention every year. 4. Funding the super-regional meeting and other programming through a conservative annual draw on the endowment. - ac

To better meet the challenge of identifying and retaining chapter representatives, AKD's President has worked to include more chapter representatives beyond those elected to AKD's Council to work on AKD committees. We anticipate that greater involvement will result in greater energy at least among these chapter representatives. This can also provide a means for encouraging chapter representatives to make a greater commitment to AKD. - akd

Workshop for management level members Communication with College/University Presidents to provide leadership and for assistance in reinvigorating chapters on their individual campuses. - akm

have a new long range plan for 2010 to 2015 new study abroad scholarships installed new President and three new board members initiated an on line registration system for new member (My Honor Society) increased by $25,000 the number and amount of undergraduate scholarships - ald

Adoption of Bylaws Amendments by General Assembly Reactiviating chapters Creating Alumni Chapters - aps

Trying to enhance our revenue in support of our membership through fund-raising initiatives to fund more scholarships and expand resources for student activities. The Executive Council meets annually to address membership and student concerns. - apm

Email, mail, phone contacts with chapter advisors (active and dormant), as well as contacts with chairs of departments/universities that offere Materials Science and Engineering degrees, but do not have Alpha Sigma Mu chapters - asm

Ongoing strategic planning as a spin off from the Board's July 2009 planning meeting. Planning for 2013 Centennial - bgs

- Many efforts are employed that may renew the society. More funding for travel the arrangements for the students have increased the number of individuals that are able to attend the national conferences. Corporate sponsorship and grantwriting has become an integral component for the organization. The organization plans to add a training component that will help highschool teachers to enhance their pedagogy when teaching youth. Added collabortion will also be included when the teachers are allowed to interact with college professors for collaborations. - The new addition of the updated website has created added interest in the organization on a national level. This has led to an addition of members nationwide. - Leadership has become more aware of the student voice within the organization and the students are now a driving force for the organization. They are allowed to participate in collecting data, voluntarily creating communication venues and pushing issues at the national meeting as they relate to them. - Public inductions, intercollegiate science competition teams, science lecture series, field trips and excursions, science panels, tutorial planning, campus wide search for new members, recruitment of inactive members, etc. are also ways the organization may be renewed. - bkc

We are moving all our publications to Website based, thereby reducing the costs we have of printing and mailing them. We have completed a website renewal and are making our on-line ordering system most user friendly. - ce

We are into our fourth year of strategic planning follow through. The Executive Council has on its agenda to begin the process of preparation for strategic again in 2012-13. - csi

Greater effort to maintain and enhance contact with chapters. - des

Focus by Regional Representatives on efforts to work with the business programs at schools where the chapter activity has lapsed. And again, with eligible schools who have not yet formed a chapter. This year's conference will focus on the faculty advisers to spark their interest. - dmd

Addition of new chapters. - dta

The continuing efforts to develop tangible benefits for chapter Trustees has been identified as a goal by the Board of Directors. They have identified an initiative to send a letter to the active Trustees and a Supervisor that they have identified for the purpose of recognition of their value to the technology profession and to Epsilon Pi Tau. The Board’s intent is to add a “new field” to each chapter’s Annual Report from the Trustees in which they are to identify a supervisor that would receive this positive letter. The Board of Directors has requested that the office begin the practice of sharing a copy of the insurance statement along with the coverage statement to the members of the Board of Directors annually. When the policy is paid, evidence to Directors of the amount and type of coverage should be provided. This is to happen each year after the insurance is renewed. The Epsilon Pi Tau Board of Directors recognizes that two-year colleges and technical schools are untapped markets for members. They look to existing two year chapter successes to provide assistance in the replication of success in other regions identified by EPT. A new Epsilon Pi Tau brochure has been developed and distributed. It identifies Purposes, Mission, Member Benefits and Creating the Future for Honors, Rewards, and Recognition for Professions in Technology through Active Membership in The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS). It has been well received, given a positive response from chapters and acknowledgment given by the Board. The document that explains the qualifications for establishing a new chapter or Epsilon Pi Tau has been developed and distributed to aid Regional Directors to provide assistance as new chapter requests are received. - ept

Our move to the University of New Orleans has led to a reinvigoration of the society. We have vastly improved service to our chapters and members and provide a level of communication we have not had in years. - gtu

Annual board training Annual strategic thinking and planning Appreciative Inquiry process with chapter delegates at national meeting - kon

Not too surprisingly, the observance of our 100th anniversary in 2010 spurred some efforts at renewal, including a more active role in participating in the annual meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, our discipline's main organization. Those efforts are on-going. - kta

1) Steady communication with inactive chapters. The Board has approved payment of $50 check to chapters if they reactive to help with their expenses until they get going again. 2) Once or twice a year a mailing of approximately 200 to colleges and universities to get new chapters. - lit

Sponsoring fall teleconference run by award winning chapters and a spring teleconference run by the Faculty Advisory Board on various chapter advising issues - lpe

We have placed two chapters on probation and are working hard to renew efforts on these campuses to bring them back to our expectations. Board members have made more campus visits this past year in an effort to work with these chapters. We have received a number of inquiries and our vice-president is actively following up on these leads. - ls

Personal contact with chapters, collegians and alumni Creating a "buzz" about Mortar Board. Using social networking to reach collegians and alumni to tell the Mortar Board story. Taking advantage of famous alumni, like New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees (Purdue 2001) and academician and politician Condoleezza Rice (University of Denver) - mb

None. MKT dues are for life. - mkt

A lowering of initiation fees. - sab

none currently - nscs

We are working on improving communication with the chapters. We are focusing on the chapter faculty advisers for continuity with the national organization. We hold an appreciation dinner with all advisers and student officers at our annual meeting. - oce

Omega Rho is affiliated with the Institute of Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS). INFORMS has very active student chapters in universities around the country. The current president, who is heavily involved with INFORMS student chapters, has renewed the effort to encourage Omega Rho chapters to be set up in conjunction with the INFORMS student chapters. An ad hoc committee has been formed to energize the Omega Rho membership. This includes passing ribbons to the INFORMS meeting attendees who are Omega Rho members. This will also allow INFORMS to update a member's address. An implementation plan is to be in place by June 2012. The committee will also investigate the feasibility of automating the initiation registration process. - or

Mail, email and telephone contacts with inactive chapters to generate interest in reactivatin. - ode

Development of a list of Universities/Colleges with B.S. and M.S. programs in biology to send information about chartering a chapter of Phi Sigma at their institution. - ps

Since all of our staff work on a voluntary basis, time is limited. We need to work more to encourage chapters that are inactive to become active again. Sometimes inactivity is because an advisor has left, and often it is difficult to find out that an advisor has left a school. We are also looking to get some younger members onto our Executive Council to replace some members who are retiring. - pst

Very Strong Community Service Projects Establishment of Alumni Electronic Chapter Very Strong National Professional Project - puo

To continue to encourage our institutional members that do not have a PAA chapter to establish one. - paa

We have a part-time employee whose job is to contact inactive chapters about reactivation. They also contact (via email messages) potential new universities for chartering a chapter. She is now making more phone calls to reach people showing interest in a chapter. - pgm

The new website will eventually provide a means for connecting with the greater membership. We also will establish a stronger effort to re-activate defunct chapters. - pkl

Quarterly publication and convention held every other year in combination with National Business Education Association. - pop

We have achieved the first part of our initiative to revamp our data management system and to take advantage of more technologically advanced tools for membership enrollment and more. In the next year we hope to have online registration of members. - psa

New Chapter Development Fundraising - pte

Our new website includes new features designed to enhance the experience of site visitors. For example RSS feeds serve to keep visits updated on recent research findings in psychology. We are continuing to develop new logo merchandise and apparel items. - pb

updating website and database interface hired 3 new staff members continuing internships in the Central Office so students at nearby campuses majoring English, Graphic Design, or Accounting could gain experience - pc

Response to website inquiries re: creating a chapter at their particular school Follow-ups with mailings of prospective chapter packets which include petitioning material Calling prospective chapters who requested and received peititioning information Mass mailings - sbd

Creation of alumni and student chapter officer e-mail databases to extend our reach via monthly missives. - sdp

keeping in better touch with chapters - slc

Chapter Project Awards program to enhance Reception of New Member ceremonies (e.g. Alumni have been invited and celebrated, chapters have held joint receptions). - sps

We continue to advertise the Alumni Epsilon Chapter with assistance from our new Alumni Representative. We have a Director of Communications and Chapter Development to encourage growth including reactivation of inactive chapters. Sigma Tau Delta exhibits each year at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) convention. - std

Specific campaign to contact members additional times during their first 2 years of membership to familiarize them to STTI, efforts to re-engage inactive members - stt

ASEE EngineeringTechnology Division Involvement Direct Mail Campaigns Corporate Member Council Involvement Involvement of alumni group - tap

We believe in continual improvements. Our president is traveling around the country visiting hundreds of alumni at receptions. We continue to invite alumni to our District Conferences. Re-engage alumni in collegiate and national activities. - tbp