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ACHS Member Societies Annual Report 2010-2011

Summary: Challenges to your society

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Students coming from family backgrounds which have no knowledge of honor societies and their value. The ACHS brochure "Matter of Honor" is a very valuable tool. Is there any thought of printing it in Spanish and other languages? Getting financial aid to pay for honor society dues. Some of our chapters already does this. Perhaps ACHS could explore how to accomplish this for all honor society students who receive financial aid. - abg

1. Finding and keeping dedicated chapter advisers 2. Persuading college and university administrators of the value of Alpha Chi 3. Hiring a new executive director and accomplishing a smooth transition in leadership by summer 2012 - ac

A challenge for Alpha Kappa Delta is identifying and retaining committed and competent chapter representatives (advisors). Another challenge is finding vehicles for investing AKD funds that are relatively safe but have a reasonable return. Another challenge is getting all chapters to comply with the IRS requirement of obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN). - akd

Locating and keeping advisors Maintaining campus chapter effectiveness Securing institutional support for campus chapters - akm

advisor turnover and transition predicting fellowship applications membership recruitment campus chapter effectiveness and visibility increased competition among bogus/internet only honor societies which dilute the value of honor societies - ald

Chapters submitting Annual and Financial Reports Retaining chapter advisors Students submitting for Scholarships Recruiting students to run for National Officers - aps

The challenges we are experiencing have to do with maintaining membership levels and financial security while keeping costs low for students. - apm

Economic downturn has impacted the ASN annual fund. Communication with members as they become more mobile, less tied to land lines, and more interested in internet communications. - asn

Cost containment and making sure BGS stays relevant to a new generation of students. creating opportunities for alumni members to participate with the organization and benefit from their lifetime membership. - bgs

Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society is faced with several challenges. a. Due to the economy, there is an expectation that memberships, such as these, will not be a priority to the student population. b. There is a need for our small organization to establish a way to reach new membership on-line. Records must be properly verified and a web system must be designed to receive funds in a timely manner. c. Funds must be acquired to pay for student travel to the annual conferences. This will increase membership and allow active results as outlined in the primary objectives of the organization. d. There must also be an increase in the number of advisors and sponsors on campuses to decrease the lag period created when another sponsors becomes ill or have retired. - bkc

As is the case with all, our most crucial challenge is maintaining our Society in the face of the current financial situations facing our nation and the world. - ce

Continuing to remain in a dynamic, growth organizational mode; serving more members and chapters effectively without undue overhead costs; developing leaders for the profession reflective of a multicultural, diverse society; remaining relevant to members beyond graduation. - csi

Declining number of chapters - des

Present challenge is managing 100% growth this year. Working with chapters who have become inactive to gain their reinvolvement. Sparking enthusiasm in Faculty Advisers as more benefits come into play. Staying within budget - doing more with the same dollars. Modifying procedures & terminology to embrace international community. - dmd

Obtaining new members. - dta

At the present time and for the past several months, Epsilon Pi Tau does not have an Executive Director due to a retirement and other extenuating circumstances. The Board of Directors have prepared a job description for the Executive Director position, with $15,000 dollar stipend, that will be announced in the Fall/Winter EPT Preceptor. As a consideration in exploring international chapter options, The Board of Directors is discussing the dues structure for countries where our induction and dues may pose a significant barrier. The potential of South America and South Africa are two regions with severe economic conditions compared to the US economy. The Board is considering an exchange rate and the gross domestic product per capita for different countries, but there will be a minimum amount required regardless of the country. - ept

Continued strong growth in a weakened economy. - gtu

Declining numbers of specialized programs Human Sciences units splitting into specialized programs in other colleges - kon

Locating and keeping chapter advisers remains a major challenge. Although journalism/mass communication enrollments continue to increase, the number of available "traditional jobs" (e.g., newspaper and television reporting) is sharply in decline. The profession is changing and academic programs are revamping curricula and, in many ways, reinventing themselves. One of the ramifications of this for the Society is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine whether a unit applying for a chapter fits our criteria for membership. Simultaneously, these changes tend to attract proportionally fewer students with "traditional" journalism/mass communication motivations - kta

1) Keeping the chapters active 2) Recruiting new chapter sponsors - lit

How to include graduate students in the honor society. Funding travel to national conventions. - lpe

The same challenges seem to be a part of our society each year. We struggle with getting good hands-on advisors. Because advising student organizations is not usually a part of the evaluation process on most campuses, faculty tend to avoid these responsibilities. We don't want advisors who won't meet with our chapters and work with the students. The economic challenges in society overall did not seem to affect membership this year. Also, we continue to find that it is hard to attract qualified males for our society, although a number of our chapters do have male presidents. - ls

Keeping the pool of national leaders deep and broad. Expanding at an appropriate pace. Providing hands-on support for collegiate and alumni chapters. Solidifying connections with university administrators who can provide advice, support, guidance and eligibility verification for collegiate chapters Keeping alumni engaged - mb

* MKT's challenges are mainly administrative in that we rely heavily on faculty members to sign off on student eligibility. They are very busy which results in them not using MKT-approved forms for submitting their nominees to us. By using forms other than what we provide them results in an inefficient turnaround time to get them their membership certificates and pins. * Also, faculty time commitments also result in late (or no) submissions. Email and phone call reminders aren't always effective as nominations come at the end of each academic term when grades are due. - mkt

Lack of support from ROTC commands of the services. All staff is based on volunteers; the alumni association was established to identify more individuals to help build the Society. - sab

Diversifying revenue to offer more scholarships to our members. - nscs

Our primary challenge is communication with the chapters and recruitment of faculty advisers. Our secondary challenge is enrollments in the society (declining) - oce

Operations research is academically studied more at the graduate level than at the undergraduate level, and graduate students are less enthusiastic about honor societies than undergraduate students. It has thus been difficult to establish chapters at some of the best universities where the study of operations research is mainly at the graduate level. At the undergraduate level, the existence of Alpha Pi Mu chapters in a number of industrial engineering programs decreases interest in establishing chapters of Omega Rho, since operations research is part of an industrial engineering curriculum. - or

Maintaining activity of all chapters. - ode

Retaining/identifying Chapter Advisors. Society budget. - ps

Maintaining attentive advisors to promote local chapters. Keeping members after the initial three-year period. - psi

One main challenge is to encourage chapters to remain active. Since chapters are often small (philosophy programs are often small), a committed advisor is essential to keeping the chapter active and operating. Advisors are essential to encouraging students to plan and execute various activities. Usually a junior faculty member is assigned the role of advisor; this means that there is quite a lot of advisor turnover, and the advisors often have heavy demands placed upon them for publication and tenure. - pst

Replacing retiring Chapter Advisors Institutional Support from Honor Societies Restructuring of Colleges within Institutions - puo

Making sure that our chapters remain active. - paa

Chapter sponsor retention Impact of the economy on memberships Reactivating chapters - pgm

We need to develop ways to establish communication with the membership. Membership in PKL is a lifetime membership, so there has been no means for tracking or communicating with members who are not actively involved as faculty in the chapters. - pkl

Losing business education programs at major universities across the country has caused chapters to go inactive and that in turn causes declining membership. - pop

Maintaining student interest and initiations; maintaining eligibility standards at chapter level; keeping advisors engaged and active. - psa

Budgets Scholarship and fundraising Communications with chapters - pte

Maintaining closer contact with our members and faculty sponsors. - pb

Advising chapters on eligibility of students in satellite and online campus subcategories Assessing the major requirements and quality of university psychology programs in other countries compared to the US Monitoring social media and use of Psi Chi's logo and name. - pc

Dynamic changes in educational environment; particularly on-line schools and accelerated adult programs Automating membership database info input How to automate online schools application and payment How to streamline Bloomberg BusinessWeek membership name/address process - sbd

Chapter reactivation, attracting and retaining committed chapter advisers, convincing institutions that maintaining an active chapter benefits everyone, informing prospective members of our numerous membership benefits. - sdp

membership recruitment locating and keeping advisors long-range or strategic planning - slc

Motivating active chapter advisors, who are rarely rewarded by their institutions Finding more ways to engage alumni with current chapter activities Apart from chapters with exceptional advisors, there are difficulties with the succession of motivated student leadership. This is evidenced by chapter activity rising for a 3-5 year period and then fading away for an unpredictable length of time. - sps

Chartering new chapters and reaching more members. Maintaining regular communication with our growing and changing membership, including international chapters. - std

membership retention, involvement of new/younger members, activity of chapters - stt

Technical Institutes, Community Colleges not offering Engineering Technology Degrees - Chapters going Inactive Getting Chapter Advisors interested/involved Getting BOD involvement - tap

Inflation. General societal lack of interest in honor societies. Competition for students time and energy. Lack of uniformity when enforcing Buckley Amendment. Recession and its effects on our invested trust. Multifiling state charitable registration requirements for TBP Alumnus Giving Program. - tbp

recruiting and maintaining effective Board of Directors, particularly in a period of growth. - tak

Improve our financial resources; find a way to enhance the number of UPE membership acceptances by students who qualify for UPE membership. Figure out a way to determine the eligibility and viability of starting UPE chapters in schools that are primarily online. - upe