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ACHS Member Societies Annual Report 2010-2011

Summary: Benefits to profession and society at large

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Recognition for outstanding academic achievement Leadership opportunities through offership at local and national level Over $500.000 in scholarships at four year colleges reserved for Alpha Beta Gammans Opportunity to compete in essay competitions for academic stipends Useage of Honor Stoles, Tassels and other academic regalia Use of ABG Resume Forms Networking Opportunities - abg

As a general honor society, Alpha Chi is not connected to a particular profession. Our members bring to society an appreciation for education and support for efforts to improve society through scholarship, research, and service. - ac

Alpha Kappa Delta was created "to investigate humanity for the purpose of service." Its purpose is "to promote excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition." By fostering excellence in academics and encouraging research, AKD benefits the profession of sociology. We believe having the purpose of this research aimed at service benefits society at large. - akd

Leadership Opportunities Academic recogniton Peer to peer networking - akm

lots of service projects; national service project benefitted Seabird Sanctuary in Florida in 2010; national service project benefitted The Relatives in Charlotte, NC in 2011 - ald

Professional job opportunities and advancements Civil Service credit - aps

Chapter activities involve student projects which are beneficial to communities, other students, and society at large. - apm

Alpha Sigma Nu's programs honor and develop Jesuit trained leaders in service to others. - asn

BGS is a significant motivator for scholastic excellence in business programs accredited by AACSB International BGS publications including the BGS International Exchange and B-Zines provide information on topics of current interest to business persons. Ethical Business Leadership program provides information on creating and sustaining an ethical business culture within an organization. Affirming and supporting an ethical business culture is critical to the effective functioning of the economy. - bgs

The primary objectives: 1. Allow undergraduates, graduate students and faculty academic advisors to exchange research data, obtain information from the conference, and network with other scientists, university administrators and exhibitors at the national meetings. 2. To expand special activities that allow a national comradery that will yield joint research interactions within neighboring institutions, thereby yielding a more productive research experience for all scientists involved. These partnerships can form bonds between host institutions and the local minority community possibly fostering and increased interest among high schools by planning activities that will motivate younger children to pursue the scientific research areas in mathematics, engineering, biology, astronomy, toxicology, environmental science, chemistry, etc. 3. Professional bonds and relationships will promote of a positive experience in the students’ academic development. This will lead to a more competent scientist, which will in turn continue to improve meaningful research experiences and academic success for freshmen students that are mentored by graduate students and faculty. Diversity within sundry fields continues to be a major area of need. Today’s global environment invites all of us to ponder the future and explore new courses that will enhance a better quality of life. Our premise as educators and scientists, must be to restore quality as well as conserve resources to ensure a transition to environmental sustainability. In order to do this, we must produce highly trained individuals in the areas of cellular, biochemical, psychological, statistical and biomolecular sciences that are committed to finding answers to environmental challenges. - bkc

Chi Epsilon members represent the top graduates each year in Civil Engineering and, thereby, are the future of our profession. We expect their contributions to Civil Engineering and Society to be significant and continuing the finest traditions of excellence. - ce

Professionalism CSI values high standards in the relatively young and emerging field of counseling. Along with credentialing, standards, and graduate school accreditation, CSI is striving to define and unify the counseling profession. One way we do this is through active, service oriented university based chapters composed of neophyte and experienced professional counselors. Recognition Recognition for the pursuit of personal excellence is a fundamental purpose of the Society. It is through the efforts of individual members that the collective influence of the Society is realized. As a consequence, the Society seeks to identify and encourage all those who have made a commitment to excel in all that they do. From the time of their first invitation to join the Society and throughout their professional careers, CSI strives to support and promote the activities of its members and chapters. In addition to the membership frameable certificate and recognition pin, members are encouraged to display honor regalia in their offices and to wear them at official functions as both a sign of their accomplishments and their continuing commitment to excellence. - csi

Scholarship program enhances institution & business program. Business community beginning to recognize that ACBSP accreditation represents the cream of business programs and DMD membership represents the cream of those business students. - dmd

Promotion of agriculture at the college and national level. - dta

We are concerned about technology and its impact on the outside world because of the importance to the members of our honor society. But, it doesn’t change our core focus (to recognize and promote Excellence in Preparation and Excellence in Practice for Professions in Technology. In its deliberations the Board reviewed once again the use of virtual initiations. The agreement of the Board of Directors is to use the virtual initiation for special circumstances and to review on a case-by-case basis. The preferred order of participation in initiation to EPT should be 1) present at the initiation, 2) remotely connected to a live initiation, and 3) as a last option use the DVD of the initiation, but with a check they viewed the content. - ept

We provide a means of socialization for member-students into the field and profession of geography. - gtu

Over 180,000 service hours rendered in 2010 through various literacy efforts, etc. - gk

Publication of books that benefit profession Administrative support for Emerging Administrators Training Program Administrative support for one professional association Partnership with two professional associations Web site publications Kids and Careers Web site feature Social Responsibility theme - kon

Kappa Tau Alpha partners with the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) in hosting an awards luncheon at the latter's annual convention. Encourages scholarship by conducting the annual Frank L. Mott / Kappa Tau Alpha Research Award for the best book on journalism/mass communication based on original scholarship and recognizing authors of top student research papers of 17 interest divisions of AEJMC. By encouraging scholarship in journalism/mass communication KTA helps provide the nation's news media with excellent communicators with enhanced critical thinking skills. This country was founded on the principle that an informed electorate is essential to the well-being of the society. Well-educated journalists are essential to that process. - kta

National project of $1,000 per year to purchase books for a grade school library in Plaissance, Haiti. There are approximately 800 students in this school. They had no books in the library until we started purchasing them for the school. - lit

- Develops students with outstanding scholastic achievement furthering their career trajectories in global leadership positions - Provides the opportunity to conduct and share scholarship contributing to the advancement of the discipline - lpe

We have developed a strong emphasis on leadership and service for our members. We provide leadership programs at our presidents conference to help individual chapters pursue this on their campuses. And, we conduct service projects at our presidents conferences to show them the possibilities on their respective campuses. When we evaluate the chapters over the summer, service is a major part of what we examine in all chapters. Hopefully, our members leave with a sense of service and a willingness to accept leadership positions on their campuses and in the future. We are hoping that our added project emphasis (At Risk Children and Youth) will provide even more hands-on opportunities for our chapters to be of service in their respective communities. - ls

Mortar Board chapters contribute to the quality of student life on campuses where chapters are located and, by recognizing outstanding scholar-leaders, add to the prestige of the institutioin. - mb

* MKT members are the very best, most dedicated marketing students in the country--their membership shows them to be bright, accompished individuals * Earning MKT recognition makes members stand out from the crowd of people applying for jobs. A national honor society affiliation demonstrates a tendency towards the pursuit of excellence in tasks and assignments. Further, it demonstrates loyalty, commitment and passion in the field of marketing. - mkt

We offer a strong initiative in Integrity, a unique college mentor program for middle school students, and service activities. - nscs

The society promotes honesty, integrity and social responsibility: the hallmarks of professional ethics. The society also sponsors national student research and design competitions. Each chapter gives an Omega Chi Epsilon award for service to the profession. - oce

Omega Rho sponsors an invited plenary presentation by a distinguished professional at each annual national meeting of INFORMS. Omega Rho also contributes $1500 annually to enable additional graduate students in operations research to participate in the annual graduate student professional colloquia held in conjunction with each annual national meeting of INFORMS. These efforts encourage practicing and developing operations researchers to aim for excellence in their profession. - or

Recognition and Promotion of research and academic excellence in all of the biological sciences. - ps

Phi Sigma Iota promotes the principles of dedication, enthusiasm, and initiative at both the graduate and undergraduate level by encouraging leadership opportunities in Chapter development and scholarship awards. The importance of continuing linguistic development is emphasized in our programs, publications, member services, and community connections. - psi

One of our main goals is to encourage philosophical inquiry and discussion on college campuses by making students aware of the importance of philosophy. Our chapters often do that by holding conferences on their campuses, participating in local conferences, holding meetings that are open to the campus, and engaging in other activities. During the past year, we changed the binding on our journal, and this has allowed us to increase the number of articles we are able to publish. - pst

Society Publication Biennial Conclave Professional Development Workshops Community Service Activities Career Fairs Support for Undergraduate poster presentations and research paper - puo

The major aim of Pi Alpha Alpha has been to encourage, recognize and support scholarship, leadership, and overall excellence in public affairs and administration. The society fosters integrity, professionalism, and effective performance in public service. - paa

Encourage community service activities - pgm

It promotes interest and scholarship in business education; fosters high ethical standards in business and professional life among teachers of business. - pop

Support for lectures at annual meetings of the American Political Science Association and the several regional associations; best paper awards for APSA and regional associations; support for APSA's Teaching Awards, more. - psa

Chapter Level: Participate in chapter meetings Participate as a committee member Serve as a committee chair Volunteer service as an elected chapter officer Actively participate by submitting articles for the Scroll & Pen National Level: Extend membership into the national alumni organization Actively participate in the annual business meeting Volunteer service as an elected national officer or appointed position. Each requires a 2 year term.* Actively participate in committee structure: (committee member, chair). Positions require a 1 year term: Agenda/Minutes Review Committee, Nominations - pte

Psi Beta contributes in important ways the readiness of students to succeed in upper division academic work and in graduate school. Since community colleges have very diverse student bodies, Psi Beta contributes a needed diversity to psychology's educational pipeline. - pb

Psi Chi's purposes are encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology. - pc

Increase awareness of the ethical and social responsibilities of the profession. - rc

Recognition of academic and achievement excellence; networking; aspirations toward future goals; ideals of honor as foundation of leadership-building. Focus on building leaders. - sbd

1) Association with the only honor society devoted exclusively to students of Spanish in four-year colleges and universities, the largest foreign-language honor society in existence . 2) Exclusive access to Sigma Delta Pi's growing scholarship program comprising annual undergraduate awards (29 granted in 2011) for summer study in Spain, Mexico and Ecuador (locations subject to change) and research grants for graduate students. 3) Bolstered credentials for any professional field, including business. For example, see the Qualifications Standards for General Schedule Positions at the website of the United States Office of Personnel Management. Eligibility for the Gabriela Mistral Award, a signal honor available to one outstanding member per chapter annually. Eligibility for the joint Sigma Delta Pi-AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese) Student Award. 4) Leadership opportunities through election to chapter offices and the direction of various chapter projects (see handbook for ideas) that may lead to such national distinctions as the Honor Chapter award, the Premio Ignacio y Sophie Galbis and the Premio Frida Kahlo. 5) An enhanced résumé afforded by serving as an active chapter officer: organizational leadership and initiative are attractive qualities to prospective employers. Supportive network of regional and national officers to provide guidance for chapter activities and Society-related issues. 6) Possibilities to recognize outstanding faculty of Hispanic Studies or members of one's local community who have made exceptional efforts in furthering Sigma Delta Pi's mission. 7) Opportunities to participate in Sigma Delta Pi's annual informative session, held in conjunction with the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, and the triennial convention, held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the AATSP. - sdp

academic recognition – general, and notation on resume leadership – opportunities at chapter level conferences – national scholarships – chapter level society newsletter – hard copy community service – chapter level online community - slc

Source of Mentors to young scientists through formal (MentorNet) and informal networks Source of Donors for Society of Physics Students Scholarships, Travel Awards, and Outreach Awards Mailing list for statistical surveys of the profession Source of "hidden physicist" biographies for publications Sources for on-line tutors (eTutor) and model physicists for young students (Adopt-a-Scientist) Source of Alumni Speakers for Chapters Host Quadrennial Congress to bring together Physics undergraduates with Sigma Pi Sigma Alumni - sps

The Society confers distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies; provides through its local chapters, cultural stimulation on college campuses and promotes in surrounding communities interest in literature and the English language; fosters all aspects of the discipline of English, including literature, language, and writing; promotes exemplary character and good fellowship among its members; exhibits high standards of academic excellence; and serves society by fostering literacy. - std

Community service, research, grants, knowledge dissemination - stt

Identify engineering students and assist them with internships/employment opportunities - identifying mentors for current engineering students. Contacting current inactive chapters has yielded interest & hopefully they will re-activate - tap

Scholarships Fellowships K-12—MindSET Program Engineering Futures Program Greater Interest in Government Program National Outstanding Advisor Program National Outstanding Mentor Program - tbp

recognition of value of pedagogy and mentoring of young scholars; through local chapter activities, encouragement of town-gown activities focused on the academic study of religion and theology, indicates relevance of field of study to other disciplines and careers - tak

- presents the ABACUS Award - an award (includes $5,000 cash award) that is presented to the individual who has the professional renown and who, over several years, has provided extensive support and leadership for student-related activities in the computing and information disciplines. - presents a chapter award to one outstanding chapter each year. - Sponsors student activities at the annual conference of the SIGCSE. - Provide special scholarship award to student chapters of the ACM-W (Women in Computing). - recognizes academic excellence in the computing and information disciplines. - has chapters in various colleges and universities in North America and overseas. - upe