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ACHS Member Societies Annual Report 2010-2011

Summary: Accomplishments

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Funds were received for additional essay competitions. - abg

1. Had a successful first full year of experience with the online Induction Management System, which about 90 percent of our chapters used, with only 10 percent opting for the old manual process. 2. Had a record number of new members join: 12,577. 3. Held Alpha Chi's first national convention in the West, at San Diego in March 2011. We put extra funds into travel subsidies and were rewarded with the best convention attendance since 2003, with 470 present. Keynoter was the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award winner, Heather Biehl, former CIA agent and one of the country's top counterterrorism experts. 3. Continued a service partnership with Reading Is Fundamental; collected and distributed 2,000 children's books in San Diego and many more in local chapter projects. - ac

Among Alpha Kappa Delta's ongoing accomplishments are is the support of an ASA Minority Fellowship for a deserving graduate student and the close collaboration between AKD and the ASA's Undergraduate Honors Program. In addition, library subscriptions to AKD's journal, Sociological Inquiry, have increased over the past few years and the citation rating of the journal has increased. Further, the financial contribution of Sociological Inquiry to AKD has enabled AKD to continue to provide funding for the various activities that directly benefit chapters and members. - akd

held a workshop in Charlotte, NC in Oct. 2011 held a workshop in Orlando, FL in Oct. 2010 inducted over 30,000 new members installed seven new chapters offered first ten $1000 James G. Stemler study abroad scholarships - ald

Recruiting excellent professional speakers for the annual conference. Established Professional Membership category Election of National Advisors (Board Members) Increased merchandize selection Working with professional organizations in the criminal justice field Registation of all chapters with IRS; assignment of all chapters' EIN Filed 990N for all chapters - aps

Alpha Pi Mu provides monetary awards of excellence to student members, enhancing their ability to emphasize academic pursuits. We also provide honor stoles they can purchase and wear at commencement to demonstrate their academic success. - apm

Board has articulated Vision 2012. By sharing this vision and rationale with Faculty Advisers and Presidents, the Board seeks to encourage a common, essential experience of membership at the Chapter level. A more engaged student experience will lead to more engaged alumni. A more engaged student experience also will increase awareness of ASN among freshmen and sophomores. - asn

Ethical Business Leadership program has developed into a major resource on corporate "Good Practices." Over 40 interviews with business leaders have been conducted to date. Web site provides information on this project and the interviews. 26 alumni chapters in the U.S, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Northern Germany, Spain and Switzerland with many in process in Europe and US cities - bgs

Beta Kappa Chi's subcommittee and the President of the National Institute of Science submitted a proposal to the NSF and was sucessful in getting funded for five years. The majority of the funds are primarily used for the implementation of the Joint Annual Meetings of BKX and NIS. At the last two national conferences, students and faculty had the opportunity to meet nobel laureates after they presented their scientific research at plenary sessions. There was great participation this past year as the organization incorporated a highschool component within the programming of the national meetings. Awards were given to the young participants and it remains as an experience of a lifetime for them. There was an increase in the number of platform and poster abstracts submitted at the last national meeting. - bkc

We continue to send a record level of support to chapters for their campus and community based activities ($72,000), We have again increased and extended our research grant efforts. We are continuing our supports to chapters including top scholars and leaders as speakers for chapter initiations. We share travel expenses with our chapters but all speakers willing come pro bono even though some speakers conduct fund raising workshops for the chapters as well. Our website continues to be enhanced with new features suggested by our strategic planning input. Social network sites are growing as well and we provide direct technical support to chapters using these media. We believe that we are better able to serve student, faculty and practitioner members, chapters, and our profession. We are pleased to note as well that the American Counseling Association (ACA) invited CSI to sponsor 5 plenary sessions by our top scholars and leaders for the annual conference for professional counselors and to select 25 poster sessions for presentation by our student members of the Society. In addition, they provide 20 free conference registrations for our student members and free ancillary program space for our many activities. - csi

Exclusive online community, steadily growing membership; now more than 11,500 registered users who updated their profiles. Newsletter gone green with print reduction of 80%, but content more than doubled. - dmd

Hosting of annual convention to bring together members from across the nation and spotlight the host chapter's school. Recognize outstanding chapter annually at the banquet. - dta

In addition to continuing to utilizing its funds set aside for the utilization of awarding scholarships to its members, Epsilon Pi Tau will sponsor a gift of $6,000 dollars per year to the BGSU College of Technology for the support of student scholarship and leadership activities that enhance the development of student skills. The Epsilon Pi Tau Board has approved efforts to add advertisements and sponsorship to the Journal of Technology Studies and to the Preceptor newsletter. They have used the examples of other honor societies to develop a strategy for offsetting the cost of publication. EPT is looking for opportunities for possible sponsorships of their publications. The Epsilon Pi Tau Board has requested that a review of the By-Laws and Code be made to show the changes implemented to comply with IRS requirements and to identify future modifications. The formal review document showing the new and old document with justifications is being prepared. The Epsilon Pi Tau Board stipulated that as recommendations for professionals to be appointed to the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Technology Studies a biographical data and a 2-page vita be presented at the time the recommendation is made. - ept

Scholarships awarded to undergraduate and graduate students. Funding of speakers at smaller programs with insufficient funding to invite speakers on their own. - gtu

International connections with chapters in 6 countries (adding more each year), Huge network of membership to draw upon (over 2M members), immediate benefits available to every member. - gk

Preparations for the Omicron Nu Centennial in August 2012 - kon

At most of our chapters, induction into Kappa Tau Alpha is considered a major highlight of a student's career. Conducted for the 67th consecutive year an annual contest for the best research-based book in the field (the Frank L. Mott/Kappa Tau Alpha Research Award). The contest is recognized as the foremost one of its kind. Awarded two Chapter Adviser Research Grants. Sponsored a highly successful Awards Luncheon at the discipline's annual convention. Increased the number of issues of the newsletter to three per year and initiated a President's Column. - kta

1) See "e" above. 2) We publish an annual journal (LIT Journal), printing the best poems, short stories, critical essays of the students initiated each year. 3) We give three to five scholarships of $1,000 per year. - lit

- Held several regional undergraduate research conferences in conjunction with Regional Communication Associations (Eastern, Southern, Western, & Central). Started a travel fund to support student travel to the national convention. -Established Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) -Developed Advisor Handbook - lpe

We continued a recognition program which includes honoring the Outstanding Chapter and the Most Improved Chapter each year at our fall Presidents Conference. We also gave the Gift of Honor this year to an alum who has made significant contributons to our scholarship fund. - ls

Mortar Board, recognizing that advisor excellence is one of the greatest challenges of all honor societies, has created a curriculum for LEAD, Leadership Education and Advisor Development, which certifies advisors of student organizations after educating them about the importance of the work they do. Three programs have been held. - mb

* Added 2 new nominating schools this past year * 5 schools renominating schools with new faculty advisors after no nominations for 2 years + * Cleaned up the databases of member information and faculty information to make them as current and clean as possible. This has resulted in much more communication with the faculty nominators. * Update of MKT logo to take society more seamlessly into digital age * Creation of new MKT website to offer new member benefits - mkt

Have identified chapters to serve as regional headquarters that will host regional conventions. - sab

NSCS awards more than $250,000 in scholarships every year. NSCS has developed and implemented several on campus programs including: The NSCS Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence (PACE) Program, NSCS New Member Ceremony and Recruiting Undergraduate Students of Honor (RUSH!). NSCS also held a successful Leadership Summit and National Convention in San Juan Puerto Rico. High adoption of NSCS-based social media such as more than 50,000 fans on the NSCS Facebook page ( and 2,000 Twitter followers ( Partnerships with several corporations and nonprofits to help NSCS members find internships and jobs. - nscs

We continue to increase our visibility within the profession. We have a presence at the national meeting of our professional society where we make a presentation to undergraduate student attendees. We sponsor student paper and design competitions. We are also receiving inquiries from several schools that have an interest in establishing new chapters. - oce

The concept of honor society is a concept embraced mainly in the United States. In recent years, Omega Rho has an increasingly international recognition. Examples include the chapter at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. For the first time, we have vice president and president elect on the Executive Committee hailing from the United Kingdom. - or

Continual growth and interest in society, despite economic downturns - ode

Scholarships, Fellowships, Awards program Very Successful Community Services Chapter Professional Projects - puo

Since its founding in 1974, PAA has experienced remarkable growth. Beginning with an initial group of eighteen founding chapters, the society has grown to encompass one hundred sixty two (162) chapters with a total membership of 43,359. The expansion in size and scope continues. Eight new chapters were established in 2010-2011 academic year alone. Both locally and nationally, PAA continues to gain increasing recognition for its role in supporting scholarship, leadership and excellence in public affairs and administration. Local chapters have contributed to the society's recognition by awarding honorary memberships to leaders at local, state, and national levels who stand out by the dedication to public service. Local chapters sponsor scholarly symposia, speaker's programs, scholarship awards, and mentoring activities. Many also work closely with other professional groups, such as local chapters of ASPA to promote public service and to recognize achievement in scholarship and practice. - paa

We published a Membership Directory (with the assistance of Harris Connect) of members from our beginnings in 1932 through 2010. The research done for this project has helped us collect over 17,000 email addresses that we can send our newsletters to, and communicate with. - pgm

Established new website and means for chapters to report, register new members, and make payments. - pkl

A successful biennial convention was held in New Orleans, LA, April 21-23, 2011. Student members formed bonds that are being maintained now. - pop

Created a thumb drive for all chapters with all the necessary documents, programming ideas, etc. Chapter wide support and participation in the Martha Kirkland Leadership Legacy Fund. Have paid back $40,000 to the Foundation that houses and support us. - pte

1. We are continuing with an national research project. The focus this year is on cell phone addiction and personality factors associated with smart phone use. 2. We have implemented chapter webpages. Chapters can use the template we provide to communicate with their members. 3. One chapter found an efficient way to recruit 135 new members. We are studying this approach as a best practice that other chapters can use to increase membership. 4. We have created a video tape showing an exemplary induction ceremony. Other chapters can use this to prepare for really great inductions. - pb

Initiatives from three strategic plans focused on leadership, diversity, and internationalization have been undertaken. In addition, the Society is undergoing overall strategic planning. Psi Chi has added international chapters in New Zealand, Egypt, and Canada. Psi changed Journal submission requirements to allow all members to publish in it, not just undergraduate students. - pc

Awarded eleven fellowships to student members Coordinated printing and mailing of "Aspirations" newsletters to membership Created and mailed the seim-annual faculty newsletter "The Bridge" to all active chapters Installed 175new chapters; added new inventory item (SBD medallion) Exec. Director attended two board meetings and ACBSP Annual Meeting Provided monthly Chapter Operations Report to board of directors Worked with BusinessWeek to offer subscriptions to members at discounted rate Held first Leadership January 2011 in San Diego, CA Quadrennial All-Member Meeting held in conjunction with Delta Mu Delta this past November 2011. More work re: logistics accomplished at Quadrennial on Leadership Academy society projects. New website scheduled to go live March 2012. - sbd

Undergraduate scholarship program. Graduate research grant program. New national joint student award with the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) in 2011: inaugural award granted at AATSP convention in Washington D.C. in July. New partnership with Geico. - sdp

Online membership registration developed Website updated. Changed membership fee from 37.50 to $45.00 Added a chapter in Pennsylvania and in Alaska - slc

In conjunction with the Society of Physics Students, adopted policy statement: "The Society of Physics Students recognizes that there is a vast untapped intellectual resource in all groups underrepresented in physics. For this reason, the Society of Physics Students is committed to making physics more accessible to everyone. We are committed to providing programs, resources and opportunities that encourage greater participation in the community of physics from members of all groups." - sps

We are going "Green" and converting to more electronic communications, versus USPS mail. As a result, we moved to an online process for scholarship submissions. We continue to enhance our website and electronic communication. - std

Successful research congress, successful leadership academy for chapter leaders, positive response to geriatric nursing leadership program, Sharecare, expansion of global efforts - stt

Even though out total number of chapters have decreased, we have maintained our annual number of new inductees (525-550) over the past 4 years - tap

Gave $302,000 in Scholarships ($2,000 per Scholar). Gave $180,000 in Fellowships. ($10,000 per Fellow). Provide more aid to engineering students than ANY other engineering society (including technical societies) in the world. Improved TBPCONNECT private social community with more than 12,000 participants Improved TBPLinkedIn private social community with more than 7,000 participants Expanded National K-12 Project—MindSET Program & received $50,000 designated gift. - tbp

have steadily been updating and refining website; have expanded scholarship offerings and fellowship amounts; have shifted to vendor handling of regalia orders; have streamlined office procedures and improved communication among Board members - tak

- is the only honor society that is recognized by the ACM and the IEEE-CS. ACM and the IEEE are the two largest computer-related organizations in the world. - Founding member society of IFEES - International Federation of Engineering Societies - upe