Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education - Research Grant Program 2011

The Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) seeks to advance knowledge about the use of standards and self- assessment processes in enhancing programs and services to students and in developing designated student learning and developmental outcomes.

Proposal Focus:  Research proposals should address some dimension of the question:  Does the use of the CAS Standards and Guidelines in a self-assessment process enhance programs, services, or student learning outcomes?

  1. Proposals with a specific focus on uses of the CAS standards in a Self-Assessment process are preferred.
  2. Proposals may be at the department, division, and institutional or multi-site level.
  3. Proposals may study a particular functional area.
  4. Proposals should not be for the individual use of a standard for campus self-assessment as grants are intended for research purposes.
  5. Dissertation research will be considered and is encouraged.

Proposal Content:  Proposal should be 5-7 pages with a separate one page summary and should include:

  1. Name and contact information for the project director
  2. Background and related literature
  3. Research questions and significance of the proposed study
  4. Methods (any appropriate methodology [e.g. case studies, longitudinal designs] will be considered)
  5. Time frame (projects must be completed in three years or less)
  6. Brief biographies of researchers
  7. Budget (no overhead charges may be submitted; funds may not be used for equipment or software, salaries or tuition; proposals should indicate if funds are being sought or are provided by other sources.)

Grant:  Typically, grants of up to $3000 will be considered. More than one grant may be awarded.

Deadline:  Proposals must be received by October 14, 2011.

Review Process:  Proposals should be submitted electronically to CAS Research Chair, Dr. John Zacker,  The review committee is comprised of the chair and research committee members who are members of the Board of Directors of CAS.

Agreements by Recipients:  Recipients of grants will receive additional information on the dispersal of funds, return of funds in the case on non-completion of a project, annual project reports and accounting, and expectations of dissemination of findings. CAS acknowledges full authorship rights to the project researchers. In general CAS will expect a summary report of findings to post on the CAS website, researcher publication(s), and presentations at appropriate conferences including a possible invitation to the CAS Symposium. CAS support must be acknowledged in all dissemination of findings.