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American Association of State Colleges and Universities  <>

American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers  <>

American College Personnel Association  <>

American Council on Education  <>

Center for Academic Integrity <>

College Parents of America (Parent Resource Center) <>

Council on Foundations  <>

Council on Undergraduate Research  <>

NASPA (student affairs administration, policy and practice)  <>

National Collegiate Honors Council  <>

National Honor Society (Jr. and Sr. High)  <>

National Science Foundation  <>

The PhD Project  <>



Ace the College Interview <>

ClassBuilder,  A Gradebook and Quiz Maker for K-12 Teachers  <>

Ethics Resource Center  <>

Find the best college or university <>


Web Course Platform  <>

College Parents Resource - Honor societies <>


Online Guides to Courses, Programs, and Scholarships

Associate Degree Resource <>

Distance Education Resource <>

College Scholarships <>

Online Colleges Guide <>




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