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The mission of the Association of College Honor Societies is to build a visibly cohesive community of national and international honor societies that promotes the values of higher education; fosters excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and research; and adheres to the standards of honor society excellence.

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Member societies of the Association of College Honor Societies are as divergent as knowledge itself. From business to physics, mathematics to music, these organizations exist for one primary purpose: to encourage and honor superior scholarship and leadership achievement.

The Role of ACHS

The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS), founded in 1925, is the nation's only certifying agency for college and university honor societies. ACHS sets standards for organizational excellence and for scholastic eligibility for the various categories of membership: general, specialized, leadership, freshman, and two-year honor societies. To assure member participation in governance, honor societies must be structured on a membership basis so that the interests of individual members are advanced.

Members and society-at-large are protected by the standards of excellence of the Association of College Honor Societies. Not all organizations calling themselves "honor societies" subscribe to the high honors' standards of ACHS. Candidates for membership should assure that the honor society in question meets the rigorous standards of ACHS—both the business model and the scholastic eligibility criteria.

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The Association shall act as the coordinating agency for collegiate honor societies; provide facilities for the consideration of matters of mutual interest; define honor societies of the several types; cooperate with college and university faculties and administrative officers in developing and maintaining high standards and useful functions; and collect, publish, and distribute information and data.

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Special Announcement—

It is with great sadness that The Association of College Honor Societies announces the passing of Dr. Dorothy I. Mitstifer, Executive Director Emerita, on September 13, 2015.

Since 1976, when Dr. Mitstifer first stepped into her role as secretary-treasurer for ACHS, and throughout her years as executive director, Dorothy worked as a tireless advocate for the best and brightest of our students across the nation and around the world. As a staunch proponent of ethical, transparent practices for honor societies and a champion for high standards, she set a tone of integrity and wisdom that each of our member societies works hard to achieve on the campuses we serve. We could ask for no better role model and no better friend.

Dr. Mitstifer will long be remembered and lauded for the contributions she’s made to all institutions and organizations supporting higher education. Her gifts and her guidance have left an indelible mark upon the scholarly landscape, and her legacy will inspire many generations to come to “Aim Higher.”

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